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Thisis found in a little village in Panamas Veraguas Province called San Francisco, the church was recently renovated and not sure the blue color used was in the original design present but I guess so. This a really great color combination with those natural stones in the background. I include this color combination example also […]

The following picture shows a window that is also simple in design but impresses trough the courage of storng choice of colors used to give it a modern but yet fresh and clean look. These as all images here are not intended so you can copy them but rather so you can get some inspiration […]

I choose this door as first house element design example because of its simple and clean design, first rule of design besides “form follows function” ( The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. ) is always simple is better. This type […]

In this blog we show mostly images of doors, windows and other elements of your house with thanks to (please check out that great website that offers ideas, example photos, step by step slide shows and many tips for building or remodeling your own dream house ) to use some of their images and […]